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"الحياة تبتسم للّي يتبّســـم."

Life is like a box of chocolate; caramel, fudge, nuts and my personal favorite more chocolate. If life hands you an opportunity take it, even if you hate it just turn it into something you can learn to love. Life is too short to be picky. So live and love.
- Lobna Hamaidah. Egyptian/MUSLIM SUNNI


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Sheikh Ahmad Aseer is in full Solidarity of the Ahlul Sunnah of Syria and has spoken out against Assad and Hizbulshaytan for slaughtering the Ahlulsunnah of Syria , and because of this has made him a No1 Target for the kufar shias and Nusaryiah..

May Allah swt protect our Shiekh

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These are the posters being posted all over Egypt by the Ahlul sunnah to give awareness to the Muslims of Egypt who are the Shias

with us (ahlul sunnah) against the Shias

Abu Bakr and umar are our leaders and Aisha ra is our mother, and their enemies are our enemies

The shia curse and mock the sahaba and call the Quran as incomplete and the kill the ahlul sunnah everywhere

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❝ Our Lord, and burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear.❞

[Surah Al-Baqarah, 286]

#DuaMoments #supplication #Tahajjud #Qiyaam

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..::..The Greatest Of Sins..::..

The Messenger of Allah (salAllahu ‘alaihy wasallam) said: ❝ Shall I not inform you about the greatest of sins? ❞ We said: “Surely, O Messenger of Allah”. He (salAllahu ‘alaihy wasallam) said:

❝ Associating partners (shirk) with Allah….❞

[Bukhari and Muslim]

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مبادئ الثورة حددها مائة ألف شهيد، ونصف مليون جريح، وثلاثة ملايين لاجئ، وبدمائهم رسموا خطوط الثورة الحمراء .

مبـــــــــــادئ ثــــــــــــورتـــنــــــــا خـــــــــط أحـــــــــمـــــــــــر … لـكـــــنـها ليـــســـــــــت كــخـــطــــــــوطـــكــــم الحـــــــمــــــــــراء !

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Mind, heart, and homeland ..

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Statistics: Every 2 hours, a mother buries a child in #Syria.

#Khilafah is the need of the time.

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This is the Khalid bin al-Waleed Mosque in #Syria targeted by the baathist regime.

Do they think we will surrender because they destroyed this masjid??

If we didnt surrend within afew days of the revolution starting and number of martyred was a handful, why will we now surrender after 120k martyred, thousands injured and whole towns destroyed??

Ya Bashar Ya Nasrullah we will only bow down to Allah SWT so do your worst as your worst is just a glimpse of what awaits you in jahanam…

Mosque Syria Islam Khalid bin al-Waleed war Syrian Revolution Homs 
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Speaks for itself :)

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Our brothers from Malaysia. ALLAHU AKBAR! Wallahi I want to brag about them, but we all know what avid supporters they are of Haq, may Allah reward them for their efforts. Their solidarity is unequivocal. Since day 1, I’ve never met a Malaysian who hasn’t supported Shaam with all their heart. Even though they’re all the way on the other side of the Earth, I feel as if they’re next door, subhanAllah. Rabi yansurna wa yansurkam. (Outside of the Iranian Embassy in Kaula Lampur)
مظاهرة بالأمس في ماليزيا أمام السفارة الايرانية - تضامناً مع الشعب السوري وقضيته ورداً على تدخل إيران وحزب الات في سوريا